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An exercise in collaboration

Our vision is a future where Blockchain becomes ubiquitous in everyday life. Here’s a few ways we can help…

Financial Backing

Crosschain is highly selective when backing projects. As such, we value each investment as a partnership, contributing up to $5MM.

Strategic Value

We are there every step of the way. We’ve done it all, token restructuring, whitepaper rewrites, website penetration tests, Telegram management.

Influencer Network

Our international community of social media influencers plant the seeds for virality. Our reach is in the millions.

Latest Investments

  • Nebula AI

    Decentralized AI Blockchain. Access AI computing resources from anywhere at anytime.

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  • Matrix AI Network

    Leverages the latest AI techniques to refactor the blockchain architecture.

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  • CoinFi

    Platform offering trading signals, algorithms, automated trading bots & data feeds.

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  • Constellation

    A blockchain microservice operating system built on DAG.

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  • 0chain

    Zero-cost superfast decentralized cloud for IoT, Web, and Enterprise DApps.

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  • Open Platform

    The first blockchain payments infrastructure for applications

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    Decentralized Network for Artificial Intelligence

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  • Ink Protocol

    Decentralized reputation and payments for peer-to-peer marketplaces

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    Integrating financial technologies to cryptocurrency markets.

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  • Kairos

    Face recognition using blockchain technology

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  • Nucleus Vision

    IoT-based, contactless identification system for retailers

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  • Origin Protocol

    Protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces

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  • Neuromation

    Distributed data platform for deep learning applications

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Change lives, empower people and build meaningful companies

Contributing up to $5MM per investment.